The Need:

  • Over 250 million Christians live in areas of the world where they are persecuted because of their faith.
  • Religious intolerance by majority religions and secular or communist/socialist governments serves to alienate and isolate Christians.
  • Followers of Jesus suffer separation from community. Poverty, hunger and homelessness result.
  • In the most severe areas of persecution Christians are kidnapped, used as forced labor, imprisoned, or murdered.
  • Thousands of Christians die annually because they chose to follow Jesus.

These Christians need help and support.

The Solution:

  • Bible distribution is key. In areas of Christian repression Bibles are scarce. In the Middle East, Central Asia and the Gulf Region, the mere possession of a Bible can lead to fierce persecution and sometimes even to death. Providing believers with God’s Word gives them hope!
  • Biblical Literacy is essential. The spiritual vitality and theological integrity of local churches depends upon those in leadership. Where persecution occurs opportunities for theological education, training, and pastoral encouragement are few. Multi-year pastoral education and seminars designed to improve specific leadership skills is needed. In addition, the  church community needs discipleship training in their own language. We have a project team in place to make these available through social media, digital (SD cards), and hard copy. The project includes the recording and posting of 24 lessons, as well as the production and distribution of the first book of In The Light (ITL). 
  • Humanitarian Aid and Relief is critical. Because persecuted Christians are often cut off from their community of origin many have no means to support themselves or their families. They are without food and basic medicines. If these believers are to survive and remain a presence for Christ in communities that are hostile to them, they need our help.

Our Approach:

  • Light Corps partners have decades of experience in helping persecuted Christians. They are familiar with and move effectively in these areas of the world.
  • Our field personnel work with local churches and pastors to assess needs.
  • When needs for which we can provide resource are identified we seek to respond as quickly as possible. Time can be critical.